Marketing & Branding Service

Branding Improvement Package 
This involves you sending your socials, music and website and Effi will go through it all and email you suggestions on how you improve. Effi will advise how it can be made more professional, how social media organic reach can be maximised further and how well the visual branding represents the music.

3 Hours a Month Package 
This is for artists/bands who don’t need a particular project such as a logo design, but need some general direction and help with ad hoc things such as improving your social media presence and website. Effi can also help to define your visual branding as long as you have something in place already that can be built from.

1 Hour Branding Crash Course Consultation 
This is for artists/bands who are pro active but need a lot of help finding their direction with branding and structure to get things done. In this hour Effi will set you lots of tasks to take away and work on, as well as quizzing you about who you are and how you want to come across to the world. This is a good introductory service as it builds that initial brand foundation that everything else will be built on. Before the session Effi will look at where your at currently, what you have and haven’t done and after the session she will send a summary of everything discussed so you have a mini workbook to continue working from independently.

Aesthetic Foundation Package

This is package for you if you are an artist who has high

potential and wants your branding and visuals to look

professional. This is the must-have initial step!

​It includes an overall aesthetic, colour and font palettes. 

Marketing & Branding

Branding packages:

Branding improvement package: £60

3hrs per month package: £110 per month

1hr Branding crash course consultation: £112

Aesthetic foundation package: £275

1 hour ad hoc = £40

1-1 meeting at an additional charge.

For more information on these packages please enquire.

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