Service: Branding & Marketing

Branding & logos, getting on spotify/spotify playlists, marketing campaigns for EP/single/album releases, social media support, synch deals & 1-1 meetings.

Service: Artist Development

Monthly update reports on progress and feedback, social media guidance, songwriting, personal development with short, mid and long term goals & 1-1 meetings.

Service: Management

Artist support, budgeting, obtaining opportunties on artists behalf, networking on the artists behalf, applying for auditions/castings on the artists behalf, organising artist's diary, looking at financing and funding plans & overseeing all projects.   

Service: Recording & Production with Megaphonic UK

Editing, arrangement, production, mixing & mastering, 4 hour vocal recording session, comping on vocal tracks, 2 producers working with you.

Service: Vocal Coaching with RRS Singing & The Vocal Academy

Warm ups, techniques & exercises and working through songs. Vocal health and maintenance, preparing to record and preparing to tour. 

Service: Booking Agent

Organising live shows, liaising with venues & networking, being a point of contact for artists for live work, organising & running tours, running showcases, booking gigs, looking for paid opportunities for artists and handling any TV/Media and radio. We can provide live performance showreels as well as 1-1 meetings with artists to mentor them and develop them for live situations/performance work.

Auditions for Live Agent & Management are free and includes feedback given after the audition whether successful or not.

RRS Music Management is an advocate for mental health which is why we also offer mental health support with our artists if needed. This includes: Regular 1-1 meetings with your mentor, safeguarding and referrals to mental health organisations ie. Mind, Time2Talk as well as your GP.

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