The RRS team


Founder, Artist Development Mentor & Artist Manager

"My passion is nurturing talent, bringing out the best in artists and acting in their best interests as their manager. When mentoring I am there not only to help with their progression into the music industry, but also personally by making sure that their wellbeing is paramount. I guide artists and give them the power and knowledge to make good decisions for themselves and their career. "


Branding & Marketing Manager

After studying Fashion Media & Promotion alongside Music Business & Management, Effi now works with music artists, record labels and management companies to create visual brands and aesthetics that successfully capture the artists and the music.

Parts of that include designing for a global fashion brand and styling for The Noisettes. 

Effi defines and implements each aspect that makes up the overall creative; including logo design, staging, styling and the overall aesthetic, whilst staying completely authentic to the artist.


Recording & Production

Megaphonic is a songwriting and production team consisting of Paul Lennox and Greg Gordon. The two write, record, produce, mix and master for an array of different artists including artists signed to the independent record label, DareDream Records.  The two specialise in writing and producing pop and rock and are currently working on two albums for the DareDream artists, due for release in the summer of 2021 (Covid permitting). @megaphonicuk

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