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Take that step and learn to sing with our vocal coaches!

We are based at Brighton Sound Proofing, 10 Thesiger Cl, Worthing, BN11 2RN. We are leasing this studio exclusively so you can be confident that you can really let loose without getting disturbed by the thought of any body else hearing you. We have a permanent set of equipment for you to use too. We would also welcome anything that you would like to bring a long and try out.

We cover warm ups, techniques & exercises, working through songs as well as vocal health and maintenance. We make sure your lessons are not only beneficial but also fun! 

Meet our tutors!


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Alex Jacquin

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Vocal Coach

Laura has a varied and broad experience in writing, recording, teaching and performing in the music industry for over 20 years. She has provided vocal tuition and workshops across the UK at many educational settings such as the Academy of Music and Sound (AMS Southampton, Manchester, Exeter, Edinburgh), BIMM (Brighton) and Platform One (Isle of Wight). Laura’s musical history highlights working with high profile acts, such as the Streets and Gnarls Barkley, and has performed for Glastonbury, Bestival, Top of the Pops and the Jonathan Ross Show to name a few. Consistently releasing new music across many genres to date, Laura is a natural performer and understands all aspects of live performance from the perspective of the Artist and or the Session Vocalist, and what each role involves. Her down-to-earth nature supports students at any level and they can be sure to get the very best of guidance and direction. Laura can help with the mindset required for getting started as a singer, all the way to helping with live performance and techniques for stage or in the studio. As a songwriter, she is able to help students who wish to explore those next steps with their ‘Artistry’ too.

“So much of singing is psychology. I’m a firm believer in manifestation. If you tell yourself you can do it, you absolutely will! Having the confidence to stand up and use your voice is hugely empowering and everyone should be able to feel that thrill in their life. I am excited and humbled to be a part of anyone’s personal journey in vocal tuition, it’s a beautiful feeling and a skill you will never regret acquiring!”

Alex has a lot of experience in the modern day music industry. He was a vocal coach / vocal arranger on the 2012 series of X factor, working along side some big names. He's currently signed to Sony Records releasing & writing his original material. At a young age he toured with his band around the UK doing 4 school tours, promoting his band & mental health awareness.

His newest endeavours in dance music has seen him produce music for the likes of Troye Sivan, Charlie XCX & Katy Perry.

Last christmas Alex was involved with a Xmas movie called 'Christmas Number 1' where he wrote & arranged music with the legendary Guy Chambers. Alex was also the voice for the actors playing the boyband. Which he found very entertaining & strange watching people lip sync to his voice!

Alex also has alot of experience working with kids of all ages. Working at local schools & at Sussex Academy of Music in the past, so we think your in good hands!

Alex - " I am just a genuine lover of music. Its something i have been passionate about since i was 5 singing in my parents lounge trying to entertain the family! I believe im good at forming new friendships and getting the best out of people. Over the years I have discovered how much I love giving back to young talent! To help them develop and give them good advice going forward. There's no better feeling than seeing someone you've helped from the ground up achieve great success!'

Rose has had over 15 years training in professional vocals & musicianship as well as had various roles within in the music industry. The last 6 years she has trained in teaching with various academies in Sussex (such as BIMM, The Theatre Workshop & The Vocal Academy) teaching both classes and 1-1s. She soon became the Principal of The Vocal Academies in Sussex before taking over The Vocal Academy in Worthing completely. She will work with you on whatever genre you choose. Whether you are starting completely from scratch, you sing in a band and want to learn control,you are preparing for an audition or you are wanting direction with where to go with your singing. Rose is here for YOU and will do her best to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be as a singer.

Rose: "My passion is not only music and teaching singing, but also getting the most out of my students for them to reach their full potential and be the best, most confident performers they can be. This is why, even though I own RRS Music Management & Vocal Coaching, I could never give up teaching. It's definitely my most favourite part of my job!"

Emma trained in London at Millennium Dance 2000 obtaining a HND in professional Musical Theatre. Since then she has worked both in the U.K. and abroad as a professional vocalist and has 15 years experience in the entertainment industry. Emma performs solo as well as having managed Duo’s and Trio's. Emma has a real nurturing nature meaning that she is great with those looking to build confidence. From managing the vocal groups for many years, she has built a lot of experience working on vocal technique, harmony arrangements and performance skills. She covers most genres including Pop/Rock to Soul and Musical Theatre.


Emma "My passion is to nurture the best from those I work with and encourage individuality and confidence’"


Chandni is a British Indian artist, who first made her debut with ‘Eye to Eye’ - her contribution to a collaborative project titled ‘Songs From Our Rooms’ exclusively released on Bandcamp (later self released on all streaming platforms).

After having private vocal coaching for six years and studying Professional Musicianship in Vocals at BIMM, Chandni quickly found a passion with Vocal Coaching at Rok Skool Haywards Heath, where she has been teaching since September 2021.

Quote from student:

“I started vocal lessons with Chandni approximately Oct/Nov 2021, I have found her to be very professional, understanding and extremely encouraging! Her work ethic is second to none and sees the full potential in all of her students regardless of what level they are at. Each and every lesson begins with vocal warm ups, for me personally that consists of scales, melismas and my mixed voice. She will always ask me if there is any particular song that I would like to cover and we work as a team to get it down flawlessly! The results I have witnessed within myself over these past ten month’s have been nothing but unimaginable! My vocal technique, motivation and confidence has come leaps and bounds since working with Chandni and I look forward to what’s to come!”


Tutor availability & prices




Alex Jacquin


Tuesdays - 9am - 3pm

Thursdays - 8am - 3pm

Saturdays & Sundays - all day.

Lessons with Chandni:

1 hour = £30

45 minutes = £25

30 minutes = £20

Wednesdays - all day

Thursdays - 4:30pm - evening

Saturday - Times to be confirmed at time of enquiring.

Lessons with Emma:

1 hour = £35

45 minutes = £30

30 minutes = £20

Mondays - all day

Tuesdays - 9:30am - 2:30pm

Friday - all day

Lessons with Rose:

1 hour = £40

45 minutes = £35

30 minutes = £25

Monday mornings, Wednesday mornings & Friday mornings - times to be confirmed upon enquiring.

Lessons with Alex:

1 hour = £50

45 minutes = £45

30 minutes = £30 

Saturdays - 2:30pm & 3:30pm

Sundays - 11am & 12pm

Lessons with Laura:

1 hour = £70

Guitar lessons!

Guitar lessons are taught by Matt Wells who is a professional guitarist and signed to our agency department! He works with all students from beginners to advanced, all ages and can work on any style.

Matt teaches from our studio on Tuesdays from 3pm onward, so to book your discounted 30 minute taster session contact us via our form on the homepage.

Lessons with Matt:

1 hour = £35

45 minutes = £30

30 minutes = £20

Rose takes the time to understand what you want and always puts you first. She has so much knowledge to share and constantly makes sure that you are comfortable and happy with what you are doing. It’s so great to work with her and she has taught me so much! Rose is the kindest person and has given me so much confidence!

Ella Ridley

- Student

Terms & Conditions:

RRS Music Management & Vocal Coaching require a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation. If you cancel within 24 hours, the full fee will be payable by you (unless in an emergancy or sudden serious illness). If you wish cancel, reschedule or stop having singing lessons you can do so outside of the agreed notice period.