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Singing lessons from our Worthing studio!

We provide affordable, tailormade & fun singing lessons from our studio in Worthing. Singing lessons are taught by Rose Raymond-Silvester "since becoming a singing teacher, I have, and will, continue to enrich people's lives through singing. Whether it is something that they are working towards professionally, or simply because it's cathartic and they love to do it. I want to be there every step of the way."

Whatever your goals are we are here to support you, which is why we offer a DISCOUNTED 30min consultation so that you can have your lessons tailored to you.


RRS Music Management has exclusive industry connections. As of November 2019 RRS Music Management works in partnership with indie record label DareDream Records.
Check out the website for up to date news! www.daredreamrecords.com

Whether you would like to collaborate and be credited as a songwriter on a hit track, if you want to be a session singer or if you want to be an artist in your own right, there is room to progress with the services we provide.

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